Intelligent Monitoring Tools for Critical Connections

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When you have to monitor a business’s internet connections, you can’t be the last to know when there’s a problem with one of your networks. Thanks to iStatus™ Cloud, you don’t have to. Now, you’ll know the status of all your networks, even when you’re on the go. Managing multiple internet connections, especially across multiple locations, just got easier.

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When it comes to networks, security can never be an afterthought. iStatus Desktop can help protect your computer from a compromised network thanks to ARPWatch™, a built-in feature that monitors for ARP Poisoning attacks. If iStatus™ Desktop detects an ARP Poisoning attack, it will notify the user of a potential security vulnerability. Network administrators can even configure iStatus™ to block network access to computers when an attack is detected.

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Failover internet connections will keep your connection active, but how do you know if your failover connections are working? With iStatus™ Cloud, you don’t have to wait until your primary connection fails and hope your failover connection is online. With the ability to monitor up to 8 connections, you can be confident you’ll always be connected.

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When your business relies on servers being online, you rely on your network. If there’s one thing worse than one of your vital servers going offline, it’s not knowing about it. iStatus™ Desktop can monitor multiple servers to let you know when one goes offline and help you diagnose the problem.

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Network Monitoring Made Simple

Active Monitoring

iStatus constantly monitors your network, you'll know immediately if there's a problem.

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iStatus is built with network security in mind, no obtrusive access is required.

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Powerful Tools

iStatus gives your network administrators powerful tools to manage your network.

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User Friendly

iStatus is designed for all users, advanced network knowledge is not required.

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About iStatus

iStatus® is designed for everyone, allowing IT Staff to work hand in hand with business owners and employees. iStatus Cloud is a user friendly service that will actively monitor primary, failover and even secondary connections so that if one fails, you will feel safe knowing that your back-ups are active and ready to go. iStatus Desktop is designed to go on any and every computer, so that staff can understand what connections are online and off. This can include websites and servers allowing employees to stay productive longer. Reach out for a quote today and see what effective user friendly monitoring looks like.

iStatus Desktop

  • The ability to monitor websites and servers at the click of your mouse
  • Identify if you are using your primary or failover internet connection
  • ARPWatch technology allows you to create a safe and secure work environment
  • A user interface designed for everyone
  • Start with a 30-day free trial to see if you love iStatus Desktop
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iStatus Cloud

  • Monitor internet connections from anywhere, allowing you to solve issues as they arise
  • Our Constant Alert system will tell you the moment a key internet connection switches to failover
  • With a Complete Alert, you will understand the issue at hand without having to diagnose or search for complex data
  • iStatus Cloud is designed to be installed in 4 simple steps without ever compromising your network security
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