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Monitor what matters to you

iStatus® Desktop is designed for non-technical users to better understand their connection to servers, websites or any other network connection and whether they're on a primary or failover connection. By understanding these connection, network problems to be identified and fixed sooner while keeping teams more productive.

  • Monitor you critical internet connection and identify if you are using your primary or failover connections
  • Start with a 30-day trial and better understand your key connections with no commitment
  • iStatus delivers a broad set of tools allowing you to easily monitor connections that matter in seconds

ARPWatch™ Technology

ARP Poisoning is a serious threat to business, especially those with open WiFi. iStatus will add another layer of security with ARPWatch

  • Upgrade your computer security and be alerted when ARP Poisoning occurs
  • Network administrators can protect computers by allowing iStatus to block network access when ARP Poisoning is detected.
  • ARPWatch™ will help prevent you from sending sensitive data over unsecure networks

Install and Relax

iStatus Desktop is simple, easy to install and built for everyone. This friendly user interface combined with upgraded network monitoring, will give everyone in the office peace of mind while allowing you and your employees to stay connected to what matters.

  • iStatus Desktop's user interface can tell IT pros and everyday staff what they need to know about their internet connection
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above
  • Lightweight in design, iStatus monitors your network without using up all your resources

Need an enterprise solution?

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# 1-Year License Lifetime License
1 $20 ea. $35 ea.
2-4 $12 ea. $21 ea.
5-9 $11 ea. $19.25 ea.
10+ $9 ea. $15.75 ea.
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