iStatus Cloud

Actively monitor every connection

Your business depend on Internet connectivity. When your Internet connection drops, you lose revenue and productive work time. iStatus® Cloud solves connection issues by instantly notifying you the moment your connection goes offline. An alert is also sent to notify you when your business switches to your failover connection, allowing you to respond quickly.

  • ConstantAlerts will notify you and key staff members of downtime allowing them to resolve the issue right away.
  • iStatus Cloud runs silently in the background without slowing down any of your applications.
  • ConnectionValidation actively monitors up to eight connections, verifying your backups are ready when you need them.

Advanced monitoring, intuitive design

Engineered to be a cost-efficient, multi-site netowrk monitoring tool, iStatus Cloud unites IT professionals and business staff, with simple alerts. By allowing both parties to work together Internet connectivity issues are solved proactively. Connection issues are solved at the root rather than reacting to customer complaints or employees notifications.

  • Our user interface is designed to be understood by all users regardless of their technical background.
  • ConnectionValidation™ allows managers to better understand that all of their backup connections are ready the moment they'll need them. 
  • CompleteAlert™ allows you will understand the issue at hand without having to diagnose or search for complex data.

Plug, register, monitor

iStatus Cloud focuses on simplicity, meaning that a store manager can easily install the iStatus Cloud device. The simple engineering drastically decreases the need for IT connection monitoring, allowing your IT team to focus on more critical needs.

  • In four simple steps, iStatus Cloud begins actively monitoring your connections.
  • Our probe works with your firewall allowing for the same security you've always had.
  • iStatus Cloud is a new step in network monitoring technology allowing businesses to respond and solve Internet issues quicker than before.
  • iStatus Cloud is designed to be installed in 4 simple steps without ever interrupting your business operations or compromising your network security.

Cost effective monitoring starts today

You’ve got a lot of things to worry about, your network connection shouldn’t be one of them. Don't let Internet downtime stop your productivity or impact your business revenue. Protect your business' performance today with iStatus Cloud, intelligent connection monitoring, because it's never a question of if your Internet will go offline, but when

Reach out today and get a quote. With solutions starting at under $9 per month, network monitoring has never been this easy or cost-effective.

You can also request early access or more information to find the solution that works best for you and your business.

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